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Date Created: 10/06/2013
Last Rankup: 07/19/2014
Level: 153

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cykotik assassinz13

cykotik assassinz13

every kill is a soul earned for tha cykotik asassinz to grow

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Total RP3,197,522
Total Money Earned$13,500,000,000
Total Money Spent$2,000,000,000
Players Killed3587
Deaths from Players1496
K/D Ratio2.00
Time Spent in GTA Online21d 11h 20m 57s
Time in Deathmatches0d 7h 47m 16s
Time in Races1d 12h 10m 53s
Longest Game Session0d 9h 56m 38s
Ave. Time per Session0d 0h 26m 52s
Time Spent w/ Wanted Level1d 11h 53m 52s
Longest Wanted Level Duration0d 0h 17m 8s
Total Time- 5 Star Wanted Level0d 2h 42m 52s

Gun Statistics

Favorite Weapon

Gun NameAdvanced Rifle
Total Kills1329
Pistol Kills31
Combat Pistol Kills18
AP Pistol Kills229
Micro SMG Kills832
SMG Kills3
Assault SMG Kills70
Assault Rifle Kills715
Carbine Rifle Kills677
Advanced Rifle Kills1329
MG Kills141
Combat MG Kills161
Pump Shotgun Kills42
Sawed-off Shotgun Kills75
Assault Shotgun Kills310
Sniper Rifle Kills207
Heavy Sniper Kills216
Grenade Launcher Kills89
RPG Kills160
Minigun Kills400

Financial Statistics

Earnings Breakdown

Below is a chart of how this player earned all of their $13,500,000,000.

Spending Breakdown

Below is a chart of how this player spent all of their $2,000,000,000.

Random Statistics

Lap Dances4
Sex Acts Purchased4
Photos Taken36
Archenemy Kills10
Victim Kills23
Cops Killed3756
Vehicular Kills2472
Store Hold-ups186
Farthest Wheelie2869.34 ft.
Farthest Stoppie215.20 ft.
Highest Vehicle Speed162.48mph
Vehicle with Top SpeedZentorno